To encompass a total environmental system, Envira-North manufactures and distributes industrial curtains, fabric curtains, curtain partitions, enclosures, roll up doors and PVC strip doors. These products help maximize your space by managing fumes, drafts, odors and climate while improving energy efficiency and productivity.


Envira-North Industrial Curtain Systems creates a retractable barrier that can be drawn into use in seconds. The curtain assembly uses a simple to install track and roller system giving you a lifetime of trouble free use.

Envira-North manufactures a greater quality and quantity of options when it comes to industrial curtain designs for your industrial and commercial facilities. Curtain designs are available complete with materials and hardware custom manufactured to your specific needs.curtainimage2

Whether you require heavy duty, fire rated or standard curtain material, we have the right curtain to suit your needs.

Benefits of the Envira-North Industrial Curtain Design

  • Stops the migration of heat/cold. industrialcurtains
  • Environment containment.
  • Economical and affordable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Simple operation.