The Hurricane™ Turbine is a wind driven roof exhaust fan. This natural turbine ventilator is an alternative to traditional industrial ventilators that perform poorly and consume energy.

Natural ventilation is proven to be effective and keep costs down. hurricanecontent

Envira-North Systems is proud to be a distributor for the high quality wind driven gravity vent turbine products produced by Edmonds Pty. of Australia. Edmonds, in keeping with Envira-North’s policies, is a green leader in natural ventilation products.

Several different products are available, but the wind driven gravity turbine vent is the most impressive. Distinguishing itself by being the largest and most efficient wind driven gravity vent in the world, the Hurricane™ ventilator will provide years of quiet, cost effective service. The Hurricane™ turbine is fire rated and also carries an astounding 15 year warranty!

Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilator Facts

• No Electrical Operating Costs.
• No Wiring Costs.
• Designed to Withstand Adverse Weather.
• Low Maintenance.
• Low Impact on the Building Structure.
• Quiet Operation.
•15 Year Warranty.

Meets the Highest of Standards

Manufactured from 5005 grade aluminum, the Hurricane™ has been tested by Construction hurricanecontent2Research Laboratories Inc, Miami, Florida and withstood a continuous gusting wind of 240 km/h without damage. It has also passed the requirements of the Low Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration Test (3 l /m at 57.4 km/h).



Hurricane™ Performance Table
Throat Size
Exhaust Capacity
Windspeed at 6 km/h or 3.7 mph
windspeed at 12km.h or 7.5 mph
Windspeed at 16 km/h or 9.9 mph
mm inches l/s cfm l/s cfm l/s cfm
300 12 270 572 480 1017 620 1314
600 24 620 1314 1104 2339 1420 3009
900 36 1560 3305 2700 5720 3460 7331